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11. Double Trouble (Houdini Shad)

12. Topwater CrawBuggin'

13. My Secret Weapon (Rib Fry)

14. Most Effective Lure Ever Made

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17. Drop Shot Tricks

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20. Use Football Heads For Tubes

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01. How to fish the YUM Dinger

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Liquid Confidence
Webster's Dictionary defines confidence as: convinced. Confidence is part of fishing, whether you are sitting on the bank with friends or competing in a tournament. So it is even more important to have confidence in the baits that you use. To attain this confidence you need to go out and fish with different baits and become familiar with how they work.

I'll tell you something about YUM with the Live Prey Technology (LPT). For me LPT is liquid confidence. I'm convinced that it works. This is what separates YUM from the others.

— Demarius Zacarias
Demarius (Zac) Zacarias, of Van Buren, AR, competes on the Central Pro-Am Tournament circuit