New YUM - Your internet source for tip and products from your favorite fishing lure and line brands like Rebel, Heddon, Cotton Cordell, Smithwick, Riverside, Excalibur, Bomber, Arbogast, Creek Chub, Lazy Ike, Silver Thread and the newest brand, BOOYAH.

Excalibur Terminal Tackle - The new Tx3 hook point is the sharpest point on a rotating hook ever developed. The three-sided hook point is also available on wide-gap worm hooks. Excalibur also makes tungsten weights available in bullet, barrel and drop shots. Use tungsten for more sensitivity, smaller presentation and an environmentally safe alternative to lead.

BOOYAH - A premium line of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and jigs. It's more than a bait, it's an attitude. Say it Loud. Say it Proud. BOOYAH!

Silver Thread - Performance Technology Fishing Line. Flourocarbon, AN40, Excalibur, Super Silver Thread, Trout and Saltwater lines.

Bomber Lures - Crankbaits and Minnowbaits that were made to catch fish. Tough, True Running.

Smithwick - Set Yourself Apart with a Rogue.

Silver Thread's People Who Fish - Watch as people like you catch fish while showing you their techniques.

Bill Dance Outdoors - Watch Bill Dance catching fish with YUM soft plastics and attractant on the Outdoor Life Network.

Knight & Hale Game Calls - Bring 'Em Closer

Carry-Lite Decoys - The right decoy for every hunter.


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