YUM Product Testimonies

CrawBugs Better Than Live Bait (largemouth bass)

9-inch Houdini Shad Proves Versatility (multispecies)

First Redfish Falls For Houdini Shad (redfish)

Plastic For Pike (northern pike)

YUM Dinger Is My Go-To Bait (largemouth bass)

YUM Wooly Beavertail Assists In Tournament Win (crappie)

YUM Vibra King Tube Scores Victory (bass)

Bass Turns Striper On YUM G-Shad (striper)

Wooly Hawg Tail Slams 7.9lb Bass (largemouth bass)

Another YUM Hawg! (largemouth bass)

YUM Houdini Shad Strikes Again (spotted sea trout)

Wounded Mega Tube Snags A Double Hit (smallmouth bass)

T. Smith Is Reelin' Em In On Caney Lake (largemouth bass)

All I'll be fishing is YUM! (crappie)

The Doctor is in! (smallmouth bass)



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