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Tom Braaten on the YUM Sooie
When I was able to get my first look at the new YUM Sooie, my first response was, "This is going to be a great bait." After about two weeks of experimenting with the 4 1/2-inch Sooie, I realized this is an incredible bait for quality fish. I am sure you have read all the same things I have. The Sooie is an exceptional bait for Carolina rigging as well as flipping and pitching. While this is very true, what I found was phenomenal. The time of year was mid-October and the shallow-water fall bite was on. Being a tournament angler, I am always looking to catch the fish other anglers seem to overlook. With that being said, the docks, laydowns and inside weed lines were being hit hard. I had decided to go out to the deep edge of the weed line and start checking the points and inside turns. To my surprise, the Coontail was still brilliant green and full of oxygen. My first presentation was a Carolina rig. This resulted in several bites from Northern pike and bluegills, but no bass. With the pike out on the edge of the weed line, I knew the bass had to be tucked up in the weeds more. I decided to try fishing the Sooie on a Texas rig. The rig was a 4 1/2-inch Green Pumpkin YUM Sooie, 3/0 Excalibur TX3 wide-gap hook, and a 3/8-ounce Tungsten bullet weight on Silver Thread 14-pound Fluorocarbon line. It didn't take but a couple of casts and big bass were coming into the boat. The bass were sitting in 10 to 12 feet in the grass. The trick was to make the cast and let the Sooie settle to the bottom, twitch it once and the bass would clobber it. The Sooie's profile is unique. It is a large bait, yet it maintains a slim profile. This is a true asset for working it through the grass, as it slides through easily and does not foul like a bulkier bait can. The tube-like tentacles dance so subtle, and the four legs tease enough to entice even the most sluggish fish. Every Sooie comes full of Live Prey Technology. This technology attracts, entices and triggers fish to strike and hang on to the bait longer. This technique was so impressive. I was able to catch several bass between four and six pounds. I just can't help but think if the Sooie works that well so late in the fall, imagine what it will do to those big schools of deep weedline summer bass. I can't wait to find out!

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