Floatin' Fun

The YUM Floatin' Jitterworm has the best action of any floating worm made! The 7" length of the Jitterworm makes it have action that you cannot imagine. I love to fish the Jitterworm in the spring around the spawn and also in the fall.

The Jitterworm, since it can be rigged weedless, can be fished in the heaviest vegetation imagined to the barest of bare banks and still be most productive in both applications. I love to fish the Jitterworm up close to the surface where it can be seen, especially if I'm fishing for spawning bass (I do not advise this technique if you have a bad heart).

When fishing the Jitterworm for spawning bass that cannot be seen I fish it very fast, working the rod with a twitching technique, and cover as much water as possible. When fishing for a bedding bass I find it best to work it very erratically up to the bed and then allow the Jitterworm to fall into the bed. At this point you should have a battle on your hand!   

Another very productive way to fish the Jitterworm is around boat docks, whether they are floating docks or have poles driven into the ground. In the early summer this pattern has produced several largemouth bass over 5 lbs. for me. The Jitterworm has endless potential, from being on the end of a Carolina Rig to being used as a sight-fishing bait.

I like to fish the Jitterworm on a 6'6"-7' G Loomis Medium Heavy rod and I typically use 12-15 lb Super Silver Thread Line.

Coby Carden, of Shelby, Ala., fishes the Bassmaster Tour. Coby's most recent win was at the 2002 Bassmaster Southern Open at Lake Martin.

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